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About Ricatech

Yesterday's feeling, Today's technology..

When rummaging around in the attic many people come across their extensive collection of LPs. Often nostalgia overcomes them. What happened to the time when you took those beautiful black discs out of their sleeves and with great caution and precision lowered them onto the turntable? That was also the time that when you went out you could choose your favourite single from the endless series of numbers in the jukebox. Would it not be nice to relive a glimmer of that time, especially now that the power of vinyl is being rediscovered by DJs and the youth audience? Ricatech combines today's technology with the look of the past and provides turntables, jukeboxes, radios and accessories in retro design, but with extensive technical capabilities, at surprisingly affordable prices.

Ricatech is an ideal partner for distributors, retailers and e-tailers. On the logistics you as an entrepreneur absolutely do not need to worry. We have a warehouse in the office and a second, large warehouse in the port of Rotterdam. This enables us to deliver large orders directly from stock. For major customers, such as Cora, Media Markt, Saturn, Leen Bakker, Sligro, Intertoys, Makro, Cora, Amazon and Bol.com we standardly achieve in-house fast, reliable delivery in large batches. Outside the country, we only work with our permanent, highly reliable distributors. For e-tailers we can take over, if desired, the entire handling and shipment process. The consumer orders from you, we supply directly to the consumer and you get the paper record. You as a distributor, retailer or e-tailer can be part of this trend and join our ever-expanding retro electronics world. Guaranteed to be a good choice!