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Joey's Fifties

Joey's Fifties

Q: How long does Joeys Fifties already exist?
A: 10 years.

Q: Which product groups do you sell?
A: Turntables, radios and jukeboxes.

Q: Why did you choose to add the Ricatech assortment to your store?
A: Because these are really beautiful retro products that also appeal to the youth.

Q: Which article is the most popular for you and why?
A: The jukebox, because we have a store with a nod to the fifties, sixties and rock and roll.

Q: What is your over-all opinion about Ricatech as a supplier?
A: Large range, flexible and reliable organization.

Q: Would you advise other retailers to include the Ricatech product range?
A: Yes.

Q: What is your most special / funny moment to Ricatech? (can be something at a fair, something with a customer / product in the store etc).
A: We got a customer who came for a portable radio. When he saw the assortment of Ricatech, he finally went home with a radio, a place player and a retro jukebox, also various accessories.